Unmanned cabs from Yandex will start operating in Sirius near Sochi

Max Antonov

Yandex has announced that the test operation of unmanned cabs will soon be launched near Sochi - the Sirius territory has been chosen for the experiment. Moreover, the company has already started accepting applications for test rides on branded «unmanned cars ».

At first, users will be offered only a few established points where they can board or drop off. These are Sirius University, Sochi Park, Delta and Gamma Sirius hotels, as well as Olympic and Continental avenues in certain locations. So far, 20 Hyundai Sonata unmanned cars will work here.

It should be noted that this location is very difficult for any autonomously controlled vehicles, as it is characterized by the presence of a large number of traffic lights, complex junctions and traffic circles, which are supplemented by not quite ordinary vehicles - for example, cycle rickshaws.

Журнал «Наука и техника» - Новости рубрики «Материалы и технологии». Nauka i Tekhnika Journal - news feed in Materials and Technology category. Yandex launches unmanned cabs.

Passengers over 18 years old can take part in the test rides, and after their application is approved in the test, they will be able to call a cab via the Yandex Go app. At the same time, according to current Russian law, a test driver must be present in the unmanned car to control the ride.

Журнал «Наука и техника» - Новости рубрики «Материалы и технологии». Nauka i Tekhnika Journal - news feed in Materials and Technology category. Yandex launches unmanned cabs.

Source: techcult.ru

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